Kids in the Kitchen

Great day in the shop today…20 kids learning how to make pasta. Probably a bit more flour on the floor than usual but how wonderful to see so many youngsters getting their hands dirty with such enthusiasm!

Arriving early for their 9.30 lesson, kids from the district and others who have relatives in the area aproned up for a morning of fresh pasta and tomato sugo making. Not only was it an absolute pleasure to see so many smiling little faces eager to get on with things, but I was pleasantly surprised at how familiar these kids were with the whole process. Kneading the dough, using rolling pins and pasta machines, cutting up tomatoes and identifying herbs from the herb box all came pretty naturally to most of them. Of course the thing that came most naturally to them was eating the fruits of their labours-and enjoying it.

Pretty exciting stuff. These kids are our future and if this morning is anything to go by, we can look forward to a very bright one. Thanks kids for a fabulous morning!


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